Help us end violence in our community by volunteering at Middle Way House.  You can make a difference by volunteering as little 4 hours per week. Numerous opportunities exist at our Bloomington locations and our outreach offices in Greene, Martin and Owen counties. Volunteers make it possible for us to provide around-the-clock support to survivors.

All volunteers must complete our hybrid (online modules and in-person) pre-service training sessions held throughout the year. For more information about our pre-service training dates, please reach out to volunteer@middlewayhouse.org.

Due to our limited capacity of volunteers, we ask that:

  1. Volunteers be able to commit at least 4 hours a week.
  2. Volunteer must be able to commit for a year (with the understanding that student volunteers may not be here during school breaks and in the summer).
  3. Volunteers are vaccinated and wear a mask during the in-person preservice training and while volunteering.

Our Programs & Volunteer Descriptions:

Middle Way House offers a large variety of opportunities to volunteer, many of which allow volunteers to satisfy time and activity requirements for Service Learning classes and university-sponsored internships. Below is a link to short descriptions of volunteer positions for which volunteers are needed.  In addition to the initial hybrid pre-service volunteer training, most volunteer positions require an additional orientation session (1-2 hours) and many require additional training as outlined within individual descriptions.

View programs and volunteer descriptions. 

Questions About Volunteer Trainings or Positions?

Please reach out to volunteer@middlewayhouse.org with questions about volunteer trainings and/or positions.