Queer Talk

Middle Way House provides help through our Queer Peer Advocacy Group and Book Club.

Queer Peer Advocacy

Queer Peer Advocacy (QPA) is a monthly support group and confidential space for people identifying along the spectrum of queerness to share experiences, strengthen bonds, and develop the skills needed to inspire one another and ignite action in the communities where we live. QPA is not specifically for survivors of domestic or sexual violence. Primary prevention tells us that strengthening LGBTQIA+ communities decreases domestic and sexual violence. Facilitators are MWH staff and community members who identify along the LGBTQIA+ spectrum. If you are interested in participating, contact our Prevention Program Coordinator at: prevention@middlewayhouse.net.

Queer Talk Book Club

In partnership with Monroe County Public Library staff, this book club is intended to be affirming for all who identify as LGBTQIA+. Join in this safe space to discuss books written by and for LGBTQIA+ individuals. If you are interested in joining, contact our Prevention Program Coordinator at: prevention@middlewayhouse.net for the zoom links.