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FIRST and FOREMOST, we are here to serve victims of domestic violence and sexual assault, and if you are in need of our services, or are simply wondering if we could assist you, please call us (812) 336-0846.

We at Middle Way House believe that acts of domestic violence and sexual assault, and our society’s tolerance of them, are expressions of deeply rooted sexism in our culture.  Consequently, Middle Way House cannot hope to end violence against women without doing the hard work of changing the culture, addressing gaps in legislation and enforcement pertinent to crimes of violence against women, and demanding equity in our social and economic arrangements.

Therefore, Middle Way House will facilitate the participation of its staff members in community-based study and advocacy groups, commissions, councils, projects and activities designed to promote inclusion, equality, and a secure and peaceful community. In its internal operations, Middle Way House will strive to be a model of the transformation it envisions in the larger community.

Middle Way House believes that victims are never to blame for the harm that is done to them.

Therefore, Middle Way House staff and volunteers are non-judgmental in their interactions with victims/survivors.

Middle Way House believes that appropriate services for victims/survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault can only be provided on a free and confidential basis.

Therefore, there will be no charge for services of any kind. Staff and volunteers will maintain information in the strictest confidence. Agreements between staff and clients to release information will be specific with regard to content, recipient, and duration as well as easily rescindable. Staff will strive to minimize requests for information that are intrusive and irrelevant to health and safety.

Middle Way House believes that the decision to seek help and the very fact of survival are indicators of courage and strength.

Therefore, staff and volunteers work from a strengths-based perspective, helping those who seek Middle Way House’s assistance to identify, believe in, and use their abilities to meet the needs they have identified. Middle Way House staff and volunteers will not assume they know what is best for the women they are serving; they will provide the best information and resources they have to support women’s efforts to make informed decisions. Staff members will act to support individual women only as their support is requested.

Middle Way House believes that acts of violence in intimate relationships are about perpetrators’ need for/belief in their right to power and control over others.

Therefore, Middle Way House staff will work to create and maintain environments free of violence-in any form.  All rules and requirements governing the behavior of those who access Middle Way House services will be necessary to the maintenance of safe and sanitary conditions.  Middle Way House staff and volunteers will be mindful of the need to be respectful and empowering in all communications with the people who seek our services as well as with each other.  The power inherent in staff and volunteer positions will be acknowledged and appropriate boundaries maintained.  So far as possible, decision-making will be by consensus and based on careful analysis of information provided by all those with a legitimate interest in the outcome of the decision-making process.


Board of Directors

  • Michael DeNunzio, President of the Board
  • Sally Dunn, Secretary
  • Charlotte Hess
  • Cindy Houston
  • Kelly Kish
  • Judit Maki, Treasurer
  • Michele Ridge
  • Kathleen Sideli
  • Peg Smith
  • Janet Stavropoulas
  • Bobbie Summers
  • Maxine Watson
  • Carl Ziegler


Middle Way House staff is diverse with respect to ethnicity, age, formal education attainment, and work history.  We have staff members who have completed high school and staff members who have earned a Ph.D. For the most part, staff members have come up through the volunteer ranks, where the training the agency provided, combined with the experience they gained on-the-job, made them the best candidates for professional openings.  Staff members have the ability to work with a diverse population; they are flexible, resourceful, compassionate, have a deep understanding of our empowerment model, and the willingness and ability to let people make decisions about their own lives.  Finally, they have the infinite capacity to remain hopeful while maintaining a critical perspective on the context in which we and our clients operate.