Support Groups

Middle Way House offers several support groups for survivors of domestic abuse and sexual violence. It is not necessary that an individual receive any other services from Middle Way House or reside in our emergency shelter or transitional housing program to attend. An informational conversation is required prior to attending the first group. Contact information is included within each of the following descriptions:

Domestic Violence Support Group: 

A weekly support group for women who are currently experiencing or have experienced domestic violence. You do not have to leave your relationship in order to attend. This group is intended for people who have experienced any type of intimate partner violence (emotional, verbal, financial, sexual, physical, or spiritual).

The group provides a confidential and safe setting to obtain information about options, personal rights, and receive positive support while deciding what to do or in adjusting to a new lifestyle. While in group, community resources are discussed. For women still in possible danger, safety plans are developed. Group members share what tactics have worked for them. Another important mission of support group is to promote self-care and personal healing among participants.

This group meets weekly, in the evenings.  Childcare is available on request.  As with all Middle Way House services, the group is completely confidential and free of charge.

If you are interested in learning more or joining this group, call and ask to schedule an appointment with Sara Huntington:  812.336.0846 or Donna Storm: 812.333.7404.

Support Groups for Survivors of Sexual Violence and Survivors of Incest 

Both our Survivors of Incest and Survivors of Sexual Violence support groups are open to all survivors, regardless of gender. Survivors of incest can join one or both groups. Facilitated by crisis intervention staff, topics and focus areas are led by the participants’ needs and desires. Both groups are free, ongoing, and survivors may request to join either group at any time. All requests are reviewed by group facilitators. For more information or to join the group, please call and ask to be connected with a facilitator: 812.336.0846.

Adolescent & Teen Survivors of Sexual Violence Support Group

Middle Way House is collaborating with The Bloomington Center for Connection (BCC) on a new facilitated support group for youth who have experienced sexual violence of any kind. The BCC is currently conducting intakes for the bi-weekly, ongoing group. The group is a safe space, facilitated by BCC staff. Topics and focus areas are participant-led.

The group may require caregiver consent. An informational, in-person conversation is required before attending the first group. Interested teens can call or text “schedule SG” to reserve a time for the first intake interview:  812.360.2254 or add Center4Connect on SnapChat.

If you need immediate help or support, contact our 24/7 Help & Crisis Line: 812.336.0846.

We’re here. We believe you. It’s not your fault.