Vision, Mission and Purpose


Middle Way House envisions a community where individuals live free from violence and the threat of violence; a community characterized by equality across the gender spectrum and social and economic justice; a community where everyone’s contribution is honored and individual and group differences are valued; a community where everyone is adequately fed, housed, educated and employed; a community that provides opportunities for meaningful participation, personal growth, and creative expression.


To end both structural and interpersonal violence.


To implement and sustain meaningful alternatives to living with violence.

To meet the specific housing, employment, and service needs of abused individuals and their children.

To increase the likelihood that victims of abuse will overcome whatever negative consequences have accrued to them and go on to experience success at home, in school, and in the wider community.

To offer a comprehensive range of services responsive to individual needs and differences.

To improve the response of community agencies and institutions when victims report violence, seek remedies for it, and get ready to move on with their lives.

To advocate for the transformation of social structures that lead to disempowerment.

To network with/provide training to other professionals likely to interact with victims/survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault.

To reach out, through a variety of media, to the general public to raise awareness of domestic violence and sexual assault, provide information about the cycle of violence and available remedies, and encourage sensitive and appropriate responses to victims of violence.

To present programming designed to enhance peoples’ capacity to engage constructively with others, solve problems and resolve conflicts without recourse to violence or the imposition of power and control, and establish and maintain intimate relationships based on equality.