Our Transformative World: A Photo Contest to Benefit Middle Way House


Want to support Middle Way House while also getting your art out to a wider audience? Submit up to 10 photos to our photography contest. We challenge you to take photographs of what you feel represents “Our Transformative World” and submit them to our panel of five judges. The winners will be featured on a photo calendar that will be sold for the Holidays to benefit Middle Way House. Contest is live on August 4th, and you can submit up to 10 photos through September 15th. Winners will be announced and notified on October 1st, after which we will make an order form for calendars available.

  • Photos must be submitted to Amalia, with subject line “Photo Contest”, and in the body of the email include your full name and phone number. You may submit up to 10 photos, any over 10 that you submit will not be submitted to the judges.
  • No submissions will be accepted after September 15th.
  • If you have a human subject in your photo, you must have them sign the release included in this page, and attach it to your email submission.
  • If you have any questions you can e-mail Amalia or Kristi.
  • Photos must be 150DPI and 1666 x 1294 pixels and 282 x 219 mm full bleed size. Final trim size is 21648 x 1276 pixels and 279 x 216 mm. Please ensure your photos are properly sized or they will be sent back to you to fix as they will not be clear in the calendar print without proper sizing

Photo Contest Release

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