Organizational Statements

About Us:

For nearly fifty years, Middle Way House has been providing services to people in crisis. Today, Middle Way House provides empowering services such as emergency shelter; a 24-hour help and crisis line; on-scene advocacy; support services; and transitional and permanent housing solutions to support survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking. Middle Way House also touches the lives of community members through its education and prevention programs. The agency serves six counties throughout south-central Indiana.

In February of 2019, the board of directors of Middle Way House announced updates to the agency’s organizational statements which reaffirm the agency’s client-centered empowerment model. Together, these statements create a vision which position the agency to meet the current and evolving needs of all survivors-including those from vulnerable populations and marginalized communities.

To end domestic and sexual violence in the lives of all people.

Middle Way House works to support all survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking; and to educate the community through outreach and prevention programs.

Core Values

The following core values are central to our organizational structure: 

  • Always be in alignment to the mission;
  • Be accountable to ourselves, each other, the organization, and the community;
  • Exhibit non-violence in all our behaviors and actions;
  • Behave compassionately in all our encounters;
  • Respect and maintain confidentiality;
  • Be ethical in all translations.

Organizational Model

Our clients are at the center of all that we do. By centering the client, we acknowledge our work is for them and affirm that they will be treated with dignity and respect as they receive comprehensive, trauma-informed, and culturally-inclusive services based on their self-identified needs and/or desired course of action. 

Organizational Goals

  • Clarify staff roles, responsibilities and evaluation;
  • Review, update, or create board governance documents;
  • Become a model employer;
  • Develop a board education plan.

Program Goals:

  • Ensure that continuing and new programs are mission driven;
  • Create methodical evaluation process and systems to measure success and impact;
  • Review, update or create written plans for partnerships with community and partners that align with Middle Way House’s mission.

Development Goals

  • Ensure a budget that supports organizational and programmatic goals;
  • Revise fund development goals, principles, and policies and increase external revenues;
  • Create a 12-month calendar for all external constituency activities;
  • Design a capital improvement plan;
  • Define Middle Way House brand and image expectations.


We believe and support survivors. Please support us.