Individual Rights in a Relationship

You have the right to:

    • Share equally with your partner in all decisions and responsibilities related to your relationship, children, home and finances.
    • Grow and explore your potential without feeling guilty, selfish or afraid.
    • Have friendships with both women and men outside of your relationship with your partner.
    • Express your opinions and have them given the same respect and consideration as those of your partner.
    • Have and express your sexual needs and desires without feeling like you are selfish, demanding, or aggressive.
    • Have your emotional, physical and intellectual needs be as important as the needs of your partner.
    • Expect your partner to give at least 50 percent to resolve difficulties in your relationship.
    • Hold your partner responsible for his or her behavior rather than assuming that responsibility yourself.
    • NEVER be physically attacked or psychologically degraded by your partner and the right to terminate the relationship if either occurs.
    • Expect significant behavioral changes rather than apologies and promises from your partner if a single abusive or battering incident occurs.