Prevention Education

Building Healthy Relationships (BHR)

School-Based Sexual & Dating Violence Prevention Programming
BHR is an interactive curriculum, usually occurring over five sessions, designed to prevent dating and sexual violence. Specially trained educators tailor presentations to fit the time frames and specific needs of each school. This program is offered to area middle and high schools. BHR covers the following evidence-based prevention topics: gender roles and stereotypes, power, control, and equality across relationship behaviors, boundaries, sexual violence and affirmative consent, and bystander intervention. Our objective is for participants to leave with the shared goal of preventing violence in the future and in the possession of the skills to do just that. If you are interested in scheduling a BHR program, or you would like to volunteer, please contact Prevention Programs Coordinator Sam Harrell at
Youth-Serving Agencies-Based Sexual & Dating Violence Prevention Programming
For area youth-serving agencies, we draw upon our BHR core lessons to bring a wide range of interactive activities, discussions, and projects to at-risk youth. Youth-serving agencies we have worked with include: Stepping Stones, Youth Services Bureau, Girls Inc., Boys & Girls Club, Rhinos, and Prism Youth Community. If your youth-serving agency is interested in prevention programming, please contact Prevention Programs Coordinator Sam Harrell at
Campus & Community-Based Sexual & Dating Violence Prevention Programming
For campus and community-based groups, we provide adult-oriented prevention education. Examples of campus and community-based settings we’ve served include mental health and addictions groups, Indiana University classes, conferences, festivals, churches, provider meetings, and open-to-the-public events. If your campus or community group is interested in prevention programming, or there is a prevention initiative you would like to see in our community, please contact Prevention Programs Coordinator Sam Harrell at
*We strive to have MWH On-Scene-Advocates, trained in domestic and sexual violence crisis intervention skills, present for our prevention programs to provide support for participants who might feel overwhelmed or triggered by our programming content. 
Teen Peer Advocates (TPAs)
TPAs are local high-school age youth empowered with information, resources, and peer advocacy skills to support youth survivors of sexual violence, dating violence, and human trafficking in our community. We hold a six-part Teen Peer Advocacy training program each semester. We also organize an MLK-inspired social justice project every January to prevent teen dating and sexual violence. If you, or a youth in your life, is interested in becoming a Teen Peer Advocate, contact Prevention Programs Coordinator Sam Harrell at
Queer Talk (QT)
QT is a monthly community workshop and a confidential space for people identifying along the spectrum of queerness to share experiences, strengthen bonds, and develop the skills needed to inspire one another and ignite action in the communities where we live. QT is not specifically for survivors of domestic or sexual violence. Primary prevention tells us that strengthening LGBTQIA+ communities decreases domestic and sexual violence. QT typically runs August through March. QT facilitators are MWH staff and community members who identify along the LGBTQIA+ spectrum. If you are interested in volunteering with or participating in QT, you can contact our Outreach Coordinator Evelyn Smith at or our Prevention Programs Coordinator Sam Harrell at