Rise and Shine Childcare FAQs

Below are the most frequently asked questions we receive.
Who does your program serve?

Our program serves the youngest survivors of domestic violence, ranging from 6 weeks to 6 years in age. We provide care for both the emergency shelter and The RISE! residents.

What does your program do?

Our program is centered around giving children a safe environment in which to learn and grow. This involves helping them prepare for school through engagement with early learning curriculum, building their social-emotional skills by empowering them as they interact with one another, and presenting them with lots of opportunities to explore their world through play.

How can I get involved in your program?
Our program loves and appreciates the support of volunteers. All that we ask is for volunteers to commit to coming in for one consistent two hour shift each week. As a childcare volunteer, you will be responsible for assisting teachers in leading activities, reading stories, and playing with the kids. If this sounds like an opportunity that interests you, please contact volunteer@middlewayhouse.org for more information on the steps to getting started.
How can I support your program?
Our program is always grateful for new and gently used donations to support the care of our children. Most-needed items include diapers, wipes, seasonal clothing, shoes, craft supplies, baby furniture, and toys. For more details on our current needs, please visit our wish list at https://middlewayhouse.org/wish-list/ and Middle Way House’s Amazon wish list at https://a.co/gupje2l. We are also grateful for financial donations aimed at giving our children new experiences. Recent field trips that have been made possible by the support of donors include going rock climbing, visiting the WonderLab, and taking a trip to the swimming pool. f you are interested in funding a specific experience for our children, please contact the program director at the contact information below.
How can I get in contact with your program?
For more information about our program or how you can support us, please contact Rebecca Monroe, Early Childhood Program Coordinator, at riseandshine@middlewayhouse.org or by calling (812) 333-7404 and ask to speak with childcare.