Providing for Residents FAQs

Below are the most frequently asked questions we receive.
Who is the house manager and what is their role within shelter?

Gina Erickson is our house manager. Gina makes sure the residents and their children that come into our emergency shelter have clothing, toiletries, and food during their stay. She also helps residents start over in independent housing by providing kitchen items, bedding, cleaners, bath and kitchen towels, small appliances and more.

Where do you get the food you supply for the residents?

We get 90% of our food from Hoosier Hills Food Bank, the rest comes from donations and purchases.

Can I donate a home cooked meal?

Due to food safety concerns we can accept the ingredients and recipe to prepare the meal. This eliminates the worry of food being out of the safe temp zones while in transport. The residents can then prepare and enjoy the meal themselves.

Where do you get the clothing and toiletries you provide residents?

We receive donations from individuals, organizations, churches and companies who embrace and support our residents during their stay.

Why should I donate?

Many individuals who come into shelter leave with only the clothes they are wearing or a small bag of items. Providing clothing, shoes, and toiletries supports them during their stay by helping to ease their mind. When the residents are able to pick out items they are always so grateful and amazed by the nice items people so thoughtfully donate for them.

What donations do you take?

New or gently used clothing, shoes, unused toiletries, household items, cleaners, small kitchen appliances, household items, linens, and more.

How do I donate?
Please visit, our Amazon Wish List at, check out our social media pages (Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter - @MiddleWayHouse), or feel free to email our house manager at for the most up to date items needed.
Where do I bring donations?

Feel free to bring donations to 338 South Washington Street in Bloomington, Indiana, on weekdays from 9am-5pm; directly in front of our New Wings archway there are two loading zone parking spots you may utilize. Walk through the archway to the door on your left. Push the call button located on the post and someone will assist you.