Middle Way House Staff

Middle Way House staff is diverse with respect to ethnicity, age, formal education attainment, and work history. Our standards require that staff members have the ability to work with a diverse population; be flexible, resourceful, compassionate, have a deep understanding of our empowerment model, and possess the willingness and ability to let people make decisions about their own lives.

 Debra Morrow, Executive Director

Debra graduated magna cum laude from Indiana State University with a degree in criminal justice. Prior to her appointment as executive director, she served as Community Service Coordinator at Middle Way House for seven years, and previously worked with incarcerated women at New Leaf-New Life.

New Wings Emergency Shelter Staff

Help & Crisis Line: (812) 336-0846          Administration: (812) 333-7404

Marcella Ettinger, Childcare Coordinator

Selina Hardt, Crisis Intervention Services Coordinator

Stephanie Waller, Crisis Intervention Services Coordinator

Audrey Moore, Crisis Intervention Specialist

Amanda Waller, Crisis Intervention Specialist

Daisy Schön, Support Crisis Intervention Specialist

Kymberlee Blackford, Development Crisis Intervention Specialist

Lauren Fox, Facilities Manager

Jennifer Parker, House Manager

Liz Franklin, Family Advocate

Heather Rae, Legal Advocate

Sharon Groeger, Legal Advocate

Virginia White, Legal Advocate

Lindsey Badger, Prevention Program Coordinator

Kyla Wargel, Prevention Program Specialist

Maggie Bott, Resident Advocate

Miranda Ettinger, Resident Advocate

Sara Huntington, Resident Advocate

Donna Storm, Triage Specialist

Connie Kinser, Weeekend/Overnight Staff

Lily Spencer, Weekend/Overnight Staff

Bev Carson, Weekend/Overnight Staff

Kendra Obermaier, Weekend/Overnight Staff

Administrative Office

Donna Hackney, Accounts Manager

Sam Ujdak, Director of Development

Erin Hollinden, Events Coordinator

Rene Llewellyn, Grants Manager

Nancy Schroyer, Human Resources Coordinator

Sarah Hunt, Outreach Communications Coordinator

The RISE! Transitional Housing Program

(812) 337-4510

Michelle Lanham, Crisis Intervention

Lenora Binkley, Facilities Manager

Evelyn Smith, Community Outreach Coordinator

Zac Depew, Community Resources Specialist

Briana Spurgeon, Community Resources Specialist

Vicky Pollitt, Resident Advocate

Martha Voyles, Resident Advocate

Monte Simonton, Youth Program Coordinator

Priscilla Cuevas, Youth Program Coordinator


Heidi Weaver, County Service Specialist

Greene County Outreach Office

(812) 384-8769

Brandon Holcomb, Advocate

Carol Byers, Advocate

Christa Turpin, Advocate


Martin County Outreach Office

(812) 295-2993

Lisa Muench, Advocate


Owen County Outreach Office

(812) 829-1660

Kathy Talkington, Advocate

Sarah Melton, Advocate