Our Impact

In 2016, the Department of Housing & Urban Development defunded transitional housing programs across the country, and Middle Way House suffered a loss of $174,000. Thankfully, our staff and community rose to the challenge, and alternative funding was received in grants as well as donations from individuals, foundations, and corporations. Our transitional housing program, a proven success, survived and served nearly 100 women and children last year.

At our emergency shelter, we were able to provide 7000 nights of shelter.

Our dedicated volunteers & staff answered 865 calls on the crisis line, providing options, helping to create safety plans, & listening to what each person needed. Of these, 22 were suicide calls.

Crisis intervention specialists responded to 75 requests related to domestic violence, & 78 related to sexual assault

Our on-scene advocates provided support at the hospital for 11 survivors of domestic violence & 17 sexual assault survivors.

Our legal advocates worked with 400 new clients in 2016. They continued working with 411 clients, for a total of 811 served.
The 28 apartments at the RISE! were full for all of 2016, with a waiting list. An average of 66 children stayed in these transitional housing apartments. 20 families moved out in 2016, and 20 families moved in.

91 women & 11 men attended support groups led by Middle Way staff.

Our dedicated volunteers contributed 28,166 hours of service